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Improve Technical And Business Process With Lean Methodologies


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Yesmar Global is a young and dynamic enterprise offering solutions worldwide that help improve business and technical processes with the objective to deliver excellent customer experience and increase revenue streams in return by employing LEAN methodologies and other industry-standard and unique optimization tools.  It is a one-stop-shop for BP creation, maintenance, and improvement.

Career coaching is provided one on one basis to make the mid-career change smooth and stress-free. Contact or call +1206 214-5554 for an immediate 10 minutes of free consult available M-F 12-2 PM PST.

The retirement planning service will look at your individual needs holistically and offer custom-tailored solutions to meet your retirement objectives. This is a fee-based service that will crowdsource the best talents in the industry to pick the best product and solutions for your exclusive need. 


Contact or call +1206 214-5554 for an appointment.

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Mr. Ananth Veeriah is an entrepreneur, disruptor, career coach, investment, retirement, and downsize planner with over 30 years of experience in the Healthcare Sector. 


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